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Leaders of Education Association of South Korea Junior college visit BPC

Oct 18, 2010 By Xu Weiyan and Huang Yibin From the Adult Educational school

    Mr Piao Chengtai, chief leader of Education Association of South Korea Junior college, and Dr Li Xiangshuo, minister of the External Communication department of the college visited BPC on October 15,2010.
Professor Feng Haiming, vice president of BPC, and professor Xu Weiyan, dean of International Education school, had a warm discussion with the guests.

    Professor Feng briefed the guests on the development of Chinese vocational education, the construction of demonstrative college in BPC, the professional settings and the international communications of BPC. The Korean guests also talked about the high vocational education in Korea. The two both found out that there were lots of similarities in the field of high vocational education between the two countries, and then they discussed more affairs on teacher training and students exchange. They both expressed the hope that more collaborations could be built in such areas as teacher training and academic exchange.