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Hong Kong higher vocational education delegation visit BPC

Jun 14, 2010, by Meng Qing and Huang Yibin From the Adult Educational school

    A higher vocational education delegation from Hong Kong visited BPC on June 14, 2010. There were 30 members in the delegation, including some officials of Hong Kong Education Committee and presidents of vocational schools. The delegation is headed by Ms. Li Ailian, the executive officer of Hong Kong Vocational Training Council.

    Professor Xu briefed the guests on the construction of demonstrative colleges in BPC, the professional settings, the teaching systems and innovation and the experience on industry-education cooperation. The guests also talked about the high vocational education in Hong Kong. The parties discovered they have many similarities in high vocational education, and they discussed more affairs on teacher training and students exchange. They both expressed the horect, is more commonly used in terms of agriculture. Recommend develop, progress or achieve instead.