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1. Safety Technology and Management (City Safety)

Safety Technology and Management is a national key major established in collaboration with Beijing Administration of Work Safety and Beijing Academy of Safety Science and Technology. We are committed to cultivating our students to be accomplished graduates that uphold high ethical values and technical qualifications to undertake Safety Supervision, Safety Technology Application, Safety Counseling and Planning, Safety Education and Training, and Safety Evaluation in Government Supervision Departments, Research Institutes, Construction Industry, Industrial and Business Enterprises, Municipal Administration Units, and Organizations offering safety technology services.


2. Accountancy

We have adopted an advanced mode to cultivate our students with the advice and support from business and tax administration organizations as well as large- and medium-sized enterprises and government-affiliated institutions in Beijing. This mode is characterized by a simulation of actual environment for transaction of business and practice for taking up the post with the help of modern technology. Our students could acquire practical skills and double-certificate qualifications when they graduate – a diploma and professional qualification certificate – and have favorable employment opportunities. We have been dedicated to developing in our students an intimate knowledge of laws and regulations on finance and taxes and a grasp of Professional Accounting, Tax Returns, Financial Software, and Management Competencies necessary for undertaking accounting, statistical and financial analysis, and management work in enterprises and government-affiliated institutions.


3. Business Management (Banking Practice)

Graduates from the School will be equipped with theoretical knowledge of finance and management and a technical mastery of banking transaction skills necessary for conducting transaction of business in commercial banks and for undertaking transaction of securities, investment, and insurance operations as well. Our graduates have stood out for their versatility as lobby guides, customer service staff, bank tellers, credit administrators, lobby managers, client managers, and financial planners.


4. Marketing (New Media Marketing)

In response to the rapid development of digital and internet technology, we have been engaged in close cooperation with enterprises such as T-mall and JD and have adopted a mode of cultivation that provides our students with real job positions and projects, developing in our students important competencies necessary for conducting marketing and operations with the help of new media technology. Graduates are qualified to provide marketing, planning, and basic management services for government departments and enterprises.


5. E-Commerce (Mobile Internet Technology)

The mobile Internet sector has become one of the advanced innovation industries that are vigorously promoted in Beijing. We have thus committed ourselves to cultivating qualified graduates with entrepreneurial spirit and capabilities. They have displayed great skill in dealing with e-commerce, mobile business management, website maintenance and operations, and data analysis. They are familiar with the process of e-commerce operations, mobile business software, Internet operations and management, and mobile business management and are competent to conduct Internet product sales, operations of websites, and planning for Internet products and e-commerce projects for enterprises.


6. Legal Secretary

The School offers professional programs in collaboration with Jetsen Corporation Ltd. and has been strived to enable students to obtain necessary professional qualifications – an intimate knowledge of legal practice and technical mastery of secretarial skills – to be employed in CCP and government organizations, government-affiliated institutions, enterprises, courts, and culture communications corporations. Graduates from the School have opportunities to work as administrative assistants, assistants to the lawyer, clerks of the court, and media editors or undertake to handle legal affairs for communities and corporations.


7. Legal Secretary (Stenography)

The professional programs have been designed with the financial support of the Central government. The School enjoys close relations with and has engaged in active cooperation with professional organizations, such as the Higher People’s Court of Beijing Municipality, with the support of which our students are trained to be qualified clerks of the court. It has provided a base for training clerks of the courts of Beijing Municipality. Students are encouraged to develop a deep understanding of legal practice by taking legal and secretarial courses and training for skills of taking shorthand. A majority of our graduates have been employed as clerks of courts and procuratorates, and some others as secretaries and advanced stenographers.


8. Legal Affairs

We have cooperated with courts, procuratorates, and law firms and have concentrated on developing in our students’ core competencies for legal practice by organizing various activities on a regular basis, such as legal clinics, a simulation of court cases, and legal counseling. These activities have improved students’ professional skills and have promoted their all-round development. A majority of our graduates have worked as clerks or assistants in courts and procuratorates, some as civil servants or assistants to the lawyer, and some others have dealt with legal affairs for enterprises.


9. Tourism Management

The School provides professional education for students who are trained to be familiar with modern management and methods for tourism and hotel operations and acquire basic skills for undertaking ground services for civil aviation, a fundamental knowledge of English language, and communication competencies. Students are encouraged to become all-around management professionals of international tourism services, so as to be responsible for check-in, security check, selling air tickets in airports and to be employed as tour guides, operators, and sales representatives for travel agencies, scenic spots, and hotels.


10. Air Attending Services

We respond proactively to the ever-changing environment and offer professional programs that meet social demands. Students at the School will be kept abreast of the recent development of modern civil aviation transportation, be equipped with theory and professional knowledge of civil aviation transportation, cabin services, and civil aviation management, and obtain essential competencies necessary for undertaking air attending and ground services and for ensuring air safety.