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BPC Participated in The Special Education Exhibition in CIFTIS

BPC Participated in The Special Education Exhibition in CIFTIS

"Global service, Mutual sharing" as the theme of the 2020 CIFTIS (China International Fair for Trade in Services) was closed inSept 9th. During the 6- day conference, there were 190 forums and negotiation activities showed, which contained 200,000 square meters of exhibition space. Overall 22,000 enterprises from 148 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. Jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Government and Beijing Municipal Education Commission, CIFTIS was one of the key activities.

As an outstanding representative of vocational colleges, BPC(Beijing Polytechnic College) was invited to participate in Education Service Forum of CIFTIS. Under this chance,BPC actively demonstrated the school’s development characteristics and innovative measures in the field of international education service trade with the help of the platform. In particular, it showcases the work and results achieved in the "Going Global" project of vocational education, overseas cooperation in running schools, and the "Belt and Road" talent training, providing reference and reference for the international development of vocational education and better service trade.

List of Exhibitors

In order to effectively deal with the impact of the domestic and international epidemic, the current service trade fair will be held in an online and offline manner. Since receiving the invitation, the BPC school leaders have attached great importance to them and assigned the corresponding personnel and departments to take charge of this fair. According to the different characteristics of online and offline exhibitions, the school has organized relevant departments and personnel to discuss and determine the theme and content of the exhibition, actively prepare relevant texts, pictures, videos and other exhibition materials according to the exhibition requirements.

Offline booth

Online showroom

Our school’s participation also received great attention from the leading departments. During the exhibition, they visited our school's booth to observe the exhibition, listened to the explanation and reports of our school's leaders, and fully affirmed our school's innovative measures and achievements in international education services in the field of vocational education.

Lu Xin, former vice minister of the Ministry of Education and president of the China Vocational and Technical Education Association, accompanied by Huang Kan, the first-level inspector of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, went to our school’s booth to observe and guide

Zhang Jiaming, Deputy Mayor of Beijing, visited our school's booth and guided the exhibition

Wang Wei, secretary of the party committee of BPC, explained the results of our school’s internationalization to the deputy mayor of Zhang Jiaming

Zheng Jichun, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Wensheng, the leader of the discipline inspection team, visited our school booth to observe the exhibition

Vice President Zhou Yan introduced the results of our school’s internationalization to Deputy Secretary Zheng Jichun

Liu Yuhui, director of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Huang Kan, first-level inspector, Wen Tao, deputy director, and Gu Tiangang, director of the Beijing International Education Exchange Center, visited our school’s booth and guided the exhibition

During the exhibition, visitors constantly stopped at our school's booth to watch the content of the exhibition board and promotional videos, and to learn more about our school's work and achievements in the field of international schooling and international education services. During the exhibition, nearly a thousand audiences and more than 100 related groups were received. Everyone is highly concerned about the international development of our school and the vocational education service trade. Many groups expressed their hope to cooperate with the school in terms of overseas cooperation in running schools, professional docking, foreign student training, and vocational skills training.

Exhibition site consultation

During the exhibition, the exhibition of our school’s international schooling achievements also attracted the attention of many domestic mainstream media. Media such as China Education Television Station, People’s Daily and People’s Daily Online conducted special interviews and reports on our school’s booth.

Zhou Yan, vice president accepted the People's Daily People's Daily Online Strong Nation Forum section reporter to interview

Deputy Director of the International Division and Dean of the Zambia Branch accepted an interview with China Education Television

The 2020 China International Trade in Services Fair is the world's first comprehensive exhibition in the field of service trade. It is an important window for China's service trade to open up to the outside world, a stage for global high-quality innovative services, and a platform for promoting international service trade exchanges and cooperation. The participation in the Service Trade Fair is of great significance to our school. It is an important node on the road of our school’s international development. Our school will take this as an opportunity to strengthen international exchanges, deepen international cooperation, and actively explore the development of vocational education. New models and new ways continue to promote the internationalization of our school's vocational education.